Saturday, July 30, 2011

love, love, love, love craaaaaazy love.

on tuesday, john and i celebrated our third wedding anniversary.  and because i'm somewhat pinterest-obsessed lately and because i've been inundated with balloon ideas found on pinterest, i decided to get all crafty.  and crafty + third anniversary = sweet, sentimental balloon messages.

forgive our bare walls and lack of decorations... as i make sure to tell everyone, we are definitely a work in progress around here.  anyway, late in the night of july 25, after i forced john to go to bed so i could work in peace to create my anniversary surprise, i wrote little notes with favorite memories on small strips of paper.   i rolled them up, put them in the balloons, then scattered the balloons around the house.  i also created a print with a song lyric from an old favorite song (that just so happened to be on our wedding programs, too).

so that's the surprise that greeted john on the morning of our anniversary.  yeah, it's nothing earth shattering... but jack is in this stage where he loves all things balloons, and i knew john would be on board with the idea of popping balloons (to read the messages), so it seemed like a good idea all around.

that night, we had a nice dinner out and then saw horrible bosses, our first movie at the theatre since jack came on the scene.  just a completely ordinary, yet sweet day, and that was all i needed.  you know when you spend a lot of time helping people dissolve their marriages, sometimes it's nice to uneventfully celebrate your own.  an uninterrupted few hours to share some time together was simple enough, but much appreciated.  also appreciated: this being my first anniversary not marred by a looming bar exam.  not worrying about black letter law or easements or estoppel was another sweet part of my tuesday.

somedays i can't believe john and i have been married three years already, and other days, it seems like we've been together decades.  we've had so many good times together, and we're looking forward to all the fun to come!
 on july 26, 2008

eating year old cake on our 1st anniversary, july 26, 2009
2nd anniversary, july 26, 2010

all 3 of us, on our 3rd anniversary, july 26, 2011

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  1. Oh sister, what a wonderful wife you are. I'm awful....truly. Oh and by the way, you look AMAZING!! Can't wait to see you in a month!!