Tuesday, July 20, 2010

on being a lady.

i've always wanted to head to new orleans for mardi gras.  it just hasn't happened... yet.  but someday!  i'm intrigued by the new orleans culture, and i've read several books about the city that have left me yearning for a NOLA vacay someday.  but until my future forays into the garden district, i'm just a simple gal from the midwest.  a gal who's not so much all about exposing my bits n' pieces in public.

now when my mother-in-law insisted that john and i get to registering for baby things, i eagerly started off on what i assumed would be a fun adventure.  within minutes, i was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of "stuff" available.  did i need a bouncer?  a swing?  a jumper?  an exersaucer?  a bumbo?  a boppy?  oy vey.  the list of "must haves" listed on "start your first baby registry" guides seemed endless.  but, at the insistence of some very persuasive relatives, we forged on, trying to sensibly and practically pick the things we thought we'd need.

while picking items, i, of course, consulted some expert mamas who had gone through the process a few times before.  by and large, they all said that a lot of the bigger ticket, supposedly necessary items were bulky, impractical and not as helpful as retailers would have expectant moms believe.  however, several of these moms recommended the hooter hider or bebe au lait.  in english, please?  that's a nursing cover.

i found lots of cute specimens online.

after a little consideration, i decided the nursing covers (selling for around $35-$40) seemed like a modified apron.  i wondered whether i could perhaps make my own for less.  aaaaaaannnnnd, one trip to joann's, $4, and about 30 minutes later, i had myself my very own nursing cover.

(please excuse the dark circles under my eyes)

as you can (maybe) see from the not-so-helpful pictures, the nursing cover is awfully similar to an apron (with different dimensions).  the only real difference is the addition of some corset boning at the top to push the fabric away from the baby underneath, allowing mama to watch what's going on with the feeding process.  

if you want specific dimensions, let me know.  this was seriously SO easy (like i said -- it took me about 30 minutes).  it would be a great addition to a baby shower gift for a friend or relative.  

UPDATE:  i was checking out bebe au lait's official website, and they sell a nursing cover made out of the exact fabric i chose last night at joann's!  http://shop.bebeaulait.com/Shop_3/originals/chocolat_2 


  1. This is super cute! I will definitely be asking you to make me one someday. Also, Hyatt Regency New Orleans re-opens in Fall 2011!

  2. And I will definitely make one for you someday. So, are you saying Mardi Gras 2012 or bust?!? We're so there.