Wednesday, June 12, 2013

this might be funny someday.

You know how some days start off HORRIBLY and just go on from there?  Every single bad thing that could happen does, and you end the day with a coffee-stained shirt, a desk full of castrophes and broken furniture?  Yeah, that's my day today.

It all started when I went to make myself a sandwich to take to work.  I opened the fridge and pulled out the mayo, and SOMEONE had forgotten to screw the cap on it so it fell to the floor splattering MAYONNAISE all over the kitchen, all over my shirt, skirt, HAIR, face, etc.  Apparently this was HILARIOUS to my husband and eldest son.  I, as you might imagine, did not find it amusing.  I was filled with rage at the audacity of (1) the mayonnaise can to behave so poorly and (2) my husband and child to mock me with their laughter.

To add to today's troubles, today I am rocking that greasy, wet look on one side of my head.  Maybe someday this will be funny.  Until then - I'm eating all sandwiches with spicy brown mustard that can be squirted from a bottle.

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