Sunday, May 1, 2011

on baby time.

we bought our new house back on january 26th-ish, so we've officially had three months to make plans, have panic attacks, peruse paint chips and the like.  and, as per usual, my lofty dreams about all we'd accomplish prior to moving the last box into the house took over.  i assumed we'd re-paint all the rooms in the house, tackle some landscaping, maybe put in a garden for shits and giggles.

well, i realized quickly that that's NOT going to happen.  the previous owners were wonderful stewards of our little home, but they had two girls.  two girls who apparently really like very bright, saturated colors in their bedrooms.  we spent quite a long time taping off the trim and priming what will eventually be jack's bedroom yesterday.  it took quite a while to prime the hot pink and purple walls.  dear lord.  it was like a life sized barbie playhouse up there.

it was a very long day.  a long day that began at 6 a.m., after a night that ended at 2 a.m.  in between negotiations/settlement discussions (for work), washer/dryer shopping (for me!), swing shopping (for jack!) and priming (with john), i am exhausted and my back (along with my head) hurts very much.  it occurs to me that we will probably be taking our sweet time turning this little house into our very own.  afterall, we are on jack time.

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  1. Use Behr paint & primer in one!!!!! It's more expensive but WORTH EVERY PENNY! Especially on Jack time w/ brightly colored walls. 2 coats and you're done!