Sunday, October 10, 2010

tactical maneuvers.

i'm sorry if you're tired of hearing of my pregnancy woes.  i'm, frankly, sick of talking about them.  i'm at that stage where i've lost all patience, and every part of my body is failing me.

i've got some wicked pregnancy carpal tunnel in my right hand.  i've had some issues with carpal tunnel before (thanks three years of law school!), but my stylish wristbands aren't helping at all.  if i do anything (including type these few sentences), my hand goes completely numb.  apparently the remedy is avoiding repetitive movements and elevating my hands.

my ankles are retaining water.  apparently the remedy is elevating them.

my toe is recovering from it's little procedure.  apparently the remedy is elevating it.

dear lord, please tell me how i am supposed to sleep on my side, while also elevating my feet and hands?

any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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