Wednesday, April 21, 2010

on shooting an 80's work-out video.

when i am at work engrossed in research or drafting documents or the like, i am rarely, if ever, checking out what's going on in the hallways.  i am aware of the "background noise," people talking, phones ringing, and the occasional noises associated with a printer or copier malfunction.  generally, though, i'm in my own world. i have a real mad case of ADD and if i let myself concentrate on what's going on outside, i reduce the productivity going on inside.

for some reason on monday, my eyes happened to catch the sight of our runner, as she scampered past my office.  i thought i glimpsed spandex work-out capris and a t-shirt.  and really, i guess you'd have to know the atmosphere of my office in order to fully comprehend the potential ramifications of what i thought i saw.  suffice it to say, i do not work in a law office where it is appropriate for anyone to wear spandex work-out attire.  i brushed it off as a mirage, maybe even a little reminder that i should probably hit up the gym after work, and got back to my endless researching.  but then!  i saw her!  again!  in the same outfit!  there was no denying it.  runner was wearing some black spandexy capris, and a teal t-shirt.

my very first thought was, "oh my god, is she for real?"  followed quickly by an "are we shooting a firm-wide 80's work-out video?"  which brought up a whole host of other problems.  can we legally even shoot this thing?  could we market it, or would that somehow run afoul of our ethical duties as attorneys?  i mean, my mind is racing, my afternoon is shot, and let's get back to the real issue.  do some college kids actually think its appropriate to show up to their part-time job at a professional office wearing such clothes?  this girl, this woman, really, applied for this job, was offered the position and receives a paycheck in exchange for her efforts.  or lack thereof, as the case may be.

the fact that this scenario struck a chord with me is saying something because i would consider myself to be pretty easy going and liberal as far as office politics and procedures are concerned.  but even in my youth-induced hipness, even i had a slight issue with the lack of professional decorum exhibited with this outfit.  i don't think that business casual is too much to ask of an employee.  and really, if you're paying an attorney by the hour, do you want to show up to the office for an appointment and be greeted by miss richard simmons herself?  we're all busy and i guess maybe it is difficult to find 60 seconds between work and the gym to change clothes, but i bet with a little extra planning, it's definitely possible!

i'll keep you guys updated about any potential work-out video developments, though...

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