Saturday, March 28, 2009


i have been toying with the idea of starting a "blog" for awhile now, but a few things have prevented me (until now) from embarking on this new adventure. these concerns (in no particular order) are, as follows:

(a) a slightly nagging age old worry: do i really need another thing to distract me from law school;
(b) the fact that the word "blog" annoys me;
(c) i am a sort-of commitment-a-phobe with respect to things that require my time on a consistent or regular basis;
(d) my own worry that "blogging" presupposes the assumption that i'm really cool and important enough to write something that others want to read;

... the list could go on and on, but here i've gone and created this blog, so, obviously we're a little past them all. i feel that i should offer an explanation for my creation of this "blog" (see (d) above). i don't have any really great reason for beginning this, and who knows how long it's even going to last. however, recently i have been thinking that a lot of weird and funny and entertaining things happen to me, and if nothing else, other people (probably only people who are related to me by blood or are brave enough to call themselves my friends) could benefit from me sharing my mishaps and other such adventures.

this first blog will be dedicated to my little sister, jessie joy. she is one of my most dedicated listeners (via telephone). she never judges me for ... making a really bad decision to spray paint bookshelves indoors ... setting a glass pie plate on top of a hot stove burner ... or any of the other things that i do on a daily basis. so thanks for your loyalty, little sister. this one's for you!

so, anyway, i hope you enjoy reading about the things i'm about to share on this "blog" (and yes, i promise that i will stop putting the word blog in quotes. i just don't like it, but i'm going to try to move past that).

stephanie rose

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